Primary 1/2 Literacy – week beginning 5th October

This week Primary 2 will be learning to read and write some new sounds. We have been learning to join 2 consonants together to make a blended sound at the beginning of a word. This week we will focus on the sounds ‘dr’, ‘fr’, ‘gr’, ‘pr’ and ‘tr’. The children have been building and reading lots of words in class – see how many they can share with you at home.

Our tricky words this week are ‘said’ and ‘water’. We will discuss the easy and hard parts of each word and look at ways to remember them when we read and write them.

We read ‘The Highway Rat’, by Julia Donaldson, today and talked about the rhyming words we could hear in the story. We also talked about the characters in the story and how they might have felt when the rat was unkind to them. We linked this to our school value of ‘Kindness’. We will do various activities during the week to help us remember the story!

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